InsideOut is a Perth College programme to help girls through childhood and adolescence and equip them with the skills to lead themselves as well as others.

The programme required a range of branded items for the students use.

A design was required to resonate with the school's brand and to be appealing to the students.

A range of conceptual designs were developed and presented to the InsideOut committee. The preferred solution was inspired by the Jacaranda flower, taking reference from the Jacaranda trees on the school grounds.

The design was created by using hand drawn abstract shapes (referencing the Jacaranda flowers) and coloured using the existing InsideOut logo colours.

The shapes were digitally manipulated to form an  expressive, kinetic and dynamic graphic.

The composition can be seen as representing the journey of a student from kindergarten (centre of graphic) to year 12 (outer edges) and beyond—or as a metaphor for the student’s growth—both physically and mentally—over their time at Perth College.