Perth College
Excelsior House

Interior/exterior signage

Grainger Studio was commissioned by Perth College (Anglican school for girls), in collaboration with Parry & Rosenthal Architects, to design the wayfinding, identity and statutory signage for the new learning centre, Excelsior House.

The function of Excelsior House is to enable the development of leadership skills for the students as they prepare for life beyond Perth College.

Grainger worked closely with Parry & Rosenthal during the design process to ensure all signage complemented the building’s interior and exterior architecture.

A pattern using 4 symbols—referencing elements from the school’s crest—was developed to define the 4 named areas of Excelsior House. A symbol was chosen to represent each area, that symbol was highlighted using a specialty reflective film—which changes colour when viewed from different directions. The pattern was applied to relevant interior glazed areas and also used for safety decals in the common areas.

This same reflective film was used for the portico entry crest, as it reflected the colours of the architecture and the school’s brand.

A design system was developed for the statutory signage which fulfilled the requirements of the building code and also coexisted visually with features of the interior architecture.

A commemorative statement was embedded into the entry forecourt using the terracotta facade tiles to create a message that will be forever etched into the fabric of the building.